Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy weight loss times

As you can see from my tickers, I've lost four pounds this month toward my five-pound month goal. It's going to be crazy if I have a weight of 180-point-something by the end of the month. If it happens, I will be so close to--just a week or two away from!--the 170s, a land I haven't visited since perhaps my sophomore year of college.

My husband pointed out that if I continue to average about 1 lb. a week (which has been close to my average this year), by the end of the year I will be a couple of pounds away from my goal weight. Isn't that a crazy idea? "I want to lose 50 pounds in a year" isn't a goal I have said, and when you break it down by the weeks, it doesn't even sound like much per week. But it sure adds up. Will it happen? I don't know, especially with all my food juggling that I'm doing with the food allergy issues now. But what an exciting thought it is! I told him it would be like moving even further back in time to my 10th grade or so weight. (I thought I was fat then in a size 10. Boy, how wrong I was!)

One thing that has been interesting lately is that I find myself feeling my face with my hands, noticing how strange it feels to have my facial bones emerging from the veil of fat they had been hidden behind. My husband has noticed the same thing about my knees, ribs, and other various bones. Not that I'm suddenly super-skinny--nor would I want to be, really--but now we can feel bones that before were so cushioned that they weren't able to be easily felt.

In the spring, I tried on sundresses at Ann Taylor. None of the sizes fit just right, and the dresses were about $150, so I didn't buy one. I tried on one of those dresses again this week, on clearance for $60, and got a size 12! It's going to be perfect for the wedding we are attending next weekend. (I still wear a 16 in pants, though I think I might be in some 14s if I tried them now. My top and bottom used to always be the same size, but that ended when I had abdominal surgery a few years ago.)

These are happy weight loss times. Even as I am feeling down about food and stressing over the food allergies, I am trying--trying--to keep in mind that I should eat reasonable portions, watch my sugar intake, and eat lots of veggies. Fortunately, those actions have at least partly become habit these days. I'm still not counting or tracking anything specific, and I feel good about that.


ArleneWKW said...

A pound a week is how it worked out when I successfully got rid of the 65+ pounds. There were weeks, at one time several in a row, in which my eating and exercise had been on track and I still lost only a fraction of a pound. There were other weeks in which I lost multiple pounds. with my face, I notice that the natural hollows in my cheeks emerged. Keep up the great work. At the rate you are going, you are headed to your goal.

Dynamo360 said...

I really relate to you talking about watching bone definition emerge. I am still not completely accustomed to how the shape of my face has narrowed and elongated over the last year.

You are such an inspiration veggie. I want to see pics of that dress! ;)

Cory said...

Four pounds this month is great, especially with the food allergies you have. Good work!!!!
And congrats on getting the dress. That is really awesome!!!!

Linds said...

Congrats on your loss! A pound a week is great! It's a loss! Glad to hear your planning of your meals is working out for you... that must be such a big job!!

Keep up the good work!!