Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's true!

The pants in size 14 fit me in several stores. I didn't love the fit of all of them, but I did love the fit of some of them. In fact, I bought two pairs of pants as a result, one of which I will wear tomorrow. How exciting!

I was also able to wear size M or 12 in every shirt I tried on. When I put on a smaller shirt and size 14 pants, I went, "Oh" when I looked in the mirror, because I could actually see how I've gotten smaller. I tried on a gorgeous silk size 12 dark blue slip dress that looked great, too--if only I had somewhere to wear one! I tried on another size 14 dress that was too big.

So hurrah! I am still shrinking even if the pounds aren't. It's nice to have confirmation.


Cory said...

That is great! It's always nice to find some clothes.

Laura N said...

WOOHOO!!! That is so excellent. Enjoy your new clothes. You are doing great.

les said...

If I were you I'd be jumping and whooping for joy!!!! Congratulations!!!

TrixieBelden said...

that is awesome! you must have had so much fun! get the dress, you never know when you'll have a chance to wear it.