Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nutrition Calculations for Chipotle

I don't eat typical fast food anymore, and there are very few chain restaurants that hold appeal for me. One that does is Chipotle, but holy hell, if you eat the whole thing you order you are consuming a lot of calories and fat, even if you get a burrito bowl.

There's a great Chipotle nutrition calculator on the web that comes in handy for planning. Today for lunch, I went to Chipotle but told them I only wanted three (not the standard four) crispy tacos even if I paid for all four. Then I got chicken, lettuce, salsa, corn, and guac--but no cheese or sour cream (which I shouldn't eat anyway with my food allergies). As you can see in the sidebar, I ended up eating about 575 cal, which I consider a reasonable lunch since my dinner tonight will be a light one. (And it was so tasty!)


lesley said...

sah-wiiiing batter!!!

KL said...

If given a choice in Atlanta, I love (in this order) Willy's, Moe's, and then Chipotle. But they're all still quite yummy!

As for the weight loss/size loss thing ...
At points, my weight has stayed the same, but I've seen my body change, and I've noticed the difference in my clothes as well.

I've noticed the opposite as well ... losing weight but not showing in my clothes.