Friday, October 5, 2007

C25K Update

I ran 29 minutes straight this morning, and honestly, it didn't even get hard until about 20 minutes in. It never got unbearable. (I don't do pain.)

The funny thing is, that run, even though it's the longest I've done, doesn't even feel miraculous anymore. But it is amazing if you compare my health and stamina now to what it was six or nine months ago.

I took a week off of running prior to today--first to recover from an overexertion injury (I also got a massage to help with that, mmmmm), and then because of rain. It actually did drizzle during part of my run today, too, but I ran on anyway.

I think taking a week off is good occasionally. Today, I felt much more rested and recovered when I started my run. The first 10 minutes or so were almost, well, easy, which is crazy.

This was my first day of using an iPod instead of my cute little former mp3 player, may it rest in peace. (The eulogy: it served me well.) Since my husband got an iPhone (his school bought him one), he uses that for music and everything else now, so I get to use his "old" iPod Nano and don't have to worry about buying a new one with the death of my old one. I got a red, wide armstrap from Nike (I don't care about brands, but I did not want a narrow thing that would feel like a tourniquet) to hold the iPod while I ran, and I have to say it served me well. It stayed in place, it was not too constricting, and it sheltered the iPod from the misty downpour. I think the earplugs on the iPhone (I borrowed my husband's) are great; they fit in my ears and block out other noise without hurting my ears like most in-ear headphones do.

I have two weeks until my first 5k (attempt 2, last spring's attempt having turned up to be up the side of a freaking mountain and back down). So I have about .75 mi to increase my run in two weeks for that 5k. Does anyone have any supportive words or stories for me about that kind of increase?


Andrea said...

Increase, shmincrease! You're already there! It's less than a mile. It's nothing.

Seriously. On race day, you'll be so pumped and excited that the last 0.75 mi will flash by unnoticed.

My longest run prior to the Bolder Boulder (10k/6.2mi) was only 5 miles. But the race flew by and I'm happy with my finish time.

It'll be a breeze, really. Just run as far as you can up until the week prior.

Jeni said...

I totally agree with Andrea. You are going to be so psyched up you won't even notice you're going that much further. And considering you ran for 29 minutes without a problem today, I know you are going to rock it! Good luck!

ArleneWKW said...

I wish I could run. (I can't because of knee problems.) That's wonderful that you are so into the groove of it now.

Going back a few posts, I understand fatigue impairing one's ability to stick with good decisions. The very excellent thing is that you were able to understand the process and then get back on track the next day.

Grumpy Chair said...

I love reading about all of you wonderful people turning into runners! I hope maybe by next year, I too, will be training for a 5K.

Sounds like you had an awesome run today Veggie. Very inspiring.

Fatinah said...

doing a race is so exciting that the sheer energy of everyone participating, as well as your own will bring you over the finish line. If you're already running 29 minutes without stopping - you're ready. You're going to feel like a million bucks - I'm excited for you just thinking about it!

K Renee said...

29 Minutes. You're so inspirational.