Monday, February 5, 2007

And now for a tasty meal with a terrible photo ;)

To be stored in our kitchen at work this week, I bought two kinds of organic salad greens, smoked almonds, dried berries, and feta cheese mixed with flecks of sundried tomatoes and basil. The idea is for me to make a side salad each day that has just a bit of extra goodies in it.

The trick was to come to work today and not eat all of that together for lunch on my first day! That would be a very high-calorie meal.

I also brought several frozen entrees. My leftovers from my home freezer are a bit low at the moment, so I bought some from the store. (I do recycle the packaging . . . and I consider $3-4 or a frozen entree that keeps me from spending $10 at a restaurant to be a bargain!)

Today for lunch, I heated up some spinach lasagna (no tomato sauce) from Seeds of Change. It was delicious--the pasta was, I'm thankful to say, still al dente after microwaving--and it was richly flavored. One of my coworkers was microwaving a Lean Cuisine meat-and-tomato lasagna as I was getting my lunch ready, and we both noted (she first) that my lasagna looked a lot more appealing than hers. My lasagna had 30 more calories and 3 more fat grams than the Lean Cuisine variety, so it was a reasonable choice in that way.

To go with my lasagna, I took out my herb salad mix and tossed it with two teaspoons of feta, a tablespoon or so of toasted walnuts (I toasted them on the stove for three minutes), and about two teaspoons of the homemade lemon dressing I've mentioned that I use previously.

It was quite a delicious meal. Unfortunately, my cell phone camera does no justice for tasty meals . . . but such is life.


Cory said...

Well, even if it doesn't look all that great it sounds really good! Good luck not downing all the salad stuff at once!

lisa jane said...

I can see its gorgeous !!!!!!

I think some people imagine how things would taste easier than others.I am always trying to describe my creations to people and they often don't get it, until they actually see it or try it.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Cory, thanks. I am hoping I will have an easy time showing salad self-control. :)

Lisa, thanks. It was a tasty meal, especially for something to throw together at work!

Laura said...

I want to live in your kitchen... near your refrigerator preferrably.