Saturday, February 3, 2007

Good times

Last night I decided I wanted some chocolate. I was a tiny bit hungry, but more importantly, I just wanted a bit of chocolate. Since it wasn't an all-consuming craving, and since I still wanted it a few hours later, I decided to indulge myself. We went to Whole Foods, where I got an espresso chocolate cookie (despite my medically induced coffee prohibition). I had two bites of it and gave the rest to my husband. It was a good cookie, but I only wanted the taste of chocolate in my mouth--not all the calories of a cookie.

This morning I discovered I am down 1.6 pounds this week. Woo-hoo!


Grumpy Chair said...

Wow, I love how you didn't immediately give in to your craving and waited it out for a few hours. Also, just taking two bites and feeling satisfied.

I don't believe in depriving myself of food just those foods that I want more and more of (brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts is about it).

Also, congratulations on your weight loss!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Grumpy, I seem to be finding that if I have an insistent urge of a craving, the craving probably actually isn't about wanting food, and I shouldn't indulge it. A casual desire over time is different story. :)

lisa jane said...

Lady veg,
In my smoothie was milk,strawberry yoghurt and fresh strawberries.It wasnt as sweet as what a strawberry shake would be that you buy,but it had the lovely strawberry flavour and it felt fresh and light.

Stroppy is probably an australian slanf term for getting grumpy. :)

good on you with the biccy.Sometimes i just get a "taste" for things too,and when we REALLY listen,it doesn't take long to satisfy the craving.

Purl_Princess said...

Wow - now that's discipline. I am truly impressed.

Sarah K said...

Congrats for eating just a bit of what you actually were craving! I am still working on this idea. One of these days I will get it =)

Cory said...

Congrats on your loss this week, and handling that chocolate craving!!!

celtic_girl said...

Your loss and control over your craving is admirable - well done.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Lisa, thanks for the smoothie info.

Purl, thanks. I find that since I have been sympathetic to my body about experiencing cravings, they are much more controllable.

Sarah K, I've never been able to do this till now. I think eating high-quality versions of craved foods helps.

Cory and Celtic, thanks.