Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Did It! Vol. II, Issue 1 ;)

I did the first day of week 2 of C25k today! I ran NINETY SECONDS at a time, and that is so freaking awesome! After my fourth 90-sec run, I got the strange cramps in my lower abdomen again (though not as severely), so I put my mp3 player on pause and walked pretty slowly for a couple of minutes until they had subsided. Then I picked up where I'd left off and finished that sucker.

It definitely was hard. And I had taken medicine last night that was giving me cotton mouth today (like what happens when you're on morphine, if you've ever had surgery--though the med I was on is nothing like morphine!), so I spent nearly the whole time with a painfully dry mouth and dry throat. (Note to self: bring water just in case from now on.) I thought about quitting today with the dry mouth, the cramps, and the unusually hot day we were having that was making me feel uncomfortably warm. But then I thought about coming back and how it would feel not to have finished--about telling my husband, about telling y'all--and I got my butt in gear and just did it. It wasn't impossible, just hard.

The other issue for me today was that the park was absolutely packed . . . truly, absolutely packed. I had to get over the idea of hundreds or thousands of people throughout the park chilling on blankets while watching me huff and puff (though already my huffing and puffing is less than it was last week). I just did it. Kept my head up, concentrated on my form, and just did it. You can never be an athlete if you don't take the steps athletes take. And I do want to be an athlete.

I used new songs this week and had my husband show me how to set up the beeps in the program he wrote so I would know when to start and stop running. I put U2's "Beautiful Day" as the song in the very middle of my run/walk, thinking I might need some propping up then. And it did the job beautifully. I love that song.

I have a couple of great meals to post for y'all tomorrow--one of which is vegan--so be on the look-out if you're recipe-hunting.


Sonya said...

Way to go on the run!!! I'm still doing C25K on the isn't warm enough yet.;-)

And I am soooo looking forward to your recipe!

BTW - did you have a chance to send me your c25k program? I didn't see it in my e-mail, but that could just be me! No worries if you haven't gotten around to it!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Thanks, Sonya!

Check your spam filter; I sent it a couple of days ago . . . or maybe yesterday? Let me know if you don't find it and I can resend.

metamorphose said...

Good job!

I hope my mix reaches you soon! Darned USPS!

PearShapedGirl said...

That's awesome, Veggie! It's great the way you used your husband and us to keep you accountable, though I know you wanted to do it for yourself regardless. And congrats on ignoring all the people in the park, something that would be very hard for me to do. I'm planning on starting the C25K in a few weeks, so I'm really tuned into your progress. No pressure though, haha ;) keep up the great work!

Take care,

Andrea said...

*pats on back* :) :) :)

the veggie paparazzo said...

Meta, I know! I'm hoping it comes in any day now.

Pear, trust me--if I can do this, you can totally do this. We'll have to keep each other upbeat. It's not easy to do, but it's certainly not impossible.

Andrea, thanks! :)