Monday, March 5, 2007

Non-menstrual menstrual-like cramps while running

Okay, I've been doing a little research, and I guess I'm going to try taking an Alleve before I go out to exercise tomorrow or Thurs. (depending on how my legs feel tomorrow) in addition to trying to stretch my pelvis out. We'll hope for the best.

If any of you experience cramps that feel like menstrual cramps during exercise, you might find these pages interesting:

an message board thread (although the guy who's named John on this thread needs to get a life--he seems obsessed with shutting down a discussion of a women's issue)

an "ask the coach" question

I'm sore today, but not close to unbearably so. . . . That's a good sign, right?


Mal said...

Gotta love the internet. Nothing like buckets and buckets of info at your fingers.

And, as long as the pain is not unbearable, I suppose that's good! Do be careful, lady (though I know you are).

Linds said...

Hey, it's been a couple day's since I've been onthe computer, so I had a bit of catching up. First of all, CONGRATS on doing the couch to 5 program. Wow... that's really inspiring!

Also, I love looking at your posts because you always look like you're having such good food for dinner. YUM!

Hopefully the cramps go away... that must be extremely frustrating!!

ws said...

Found your blog through a weight loss one. I'm not an expert on running, but I think I've probably had the pain that you are experiencing. First off, be careful about the food that you eat 1-2 hours before the run. Also, it might just be your core/ab muscles telling you that you got a great workout. Even though you think about running requiring strong legs, strong ab/core muscles are also crucial for good runs.

M said...

Any chance you have pelvic adhesions? I had surgery in the same area and suffer from adhesions now that get aggravated when I exercise. I don't think they really feel like cramps though (it's more like a tugging pain, but I think it can vary depending on where the adhesion is located) so it's probably something else. Just thought I'd mention it though just in case because you said you'd had surgery in that area that you felt the pain too. Good for you for exercising. I LOVE running.

Chris H said...

Yep, being sore is good! Keep up the exercise and the soreness goes away... eventually. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog... even if I'm still going to feed my son evil chocolate cookies! He's 6 foot tall and a skinny as a rake, and so I reckon he needs the calories!

CactusFreek said...

When i get period pains, it's usualy when my period is really heavy. And i just don't exercise when it's like that!
I've never been exercising and had a pain come on.

celtic_girl said...

Your lazy Sunday dinner looks so yummy.As for the pain if it keeps up it may need some further investigation.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Mal, the pain is unbearable when it happens, but then it goes away if I am still. I think it probably is oxygen-related, but I'm hoping that the Alleve and stretching cut it, if not rid me of it.

Linds, thanks!

WS, I have seen something about not eating too closely to a run. I'm going to have a snack today a couple of hours beforehand, but not eat anything too close to when I go. We'll see if that helps. I have to say, though, that when I used to get these pains, it was 7 a.m. when I was at the gym, and I don't think I had eaten anything beforehand.

M, the doctor could find nothing when I went to her about this issue last year. I was so worried my cancer had returned.

Chris, I don't think cookies are evil; they are value neutral. I know you were mostly just kidding, but I don't think food is good or bad, and we see it those ways too often. It's just food. How we grow it, how much we eat of it--all that can be good or bad. But a cookie's just a cookie. And I'm sure it's a good cookie. I just wish I'd been raised with a palate for healthier food instead of trying to develop one in my mid-20's!

Cactus, yeah, it's strange. These are completely disconnected from my menstrual cycle; they just feel like those kinds of cramps.

Celtic, I went back to the doctor partly about these pains when I would get them at the gym last year, but she found nothing wrong. If it is a scar tissue issue, unfortunately, not much can really be done. When you sign the waiver at the hospital for pelvic surgery, they really do mean you're at risk for all those complications! I thought they were more rare than they are, and I got a few of them. (Not that this is one--it just may be.)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if these cramps ever went away for you. I suffer from the same problem and the doctors just told me to go on birth control pills. If you have resolved this issue please email me at Thanks for your time and hope your pain has gone away!

Anonymous said...

i know exactly what this cramp thing is like. i've noticed that it has a little to do with my cycle. the pain seems to get more intense the closer to getting your period you are. but the day you get your period and go running you are fine. i don't know what it is i'd like to know because i actually enjoy running, but because of this i can't run. i get cramps so bad i throw up.

I NEED HELP!! (yeah thats my name) said...


I'm a 5th grader and I have to run the "mile run" tommarow in school. I am a slow runner but I get cramps a lot! How can I prevent cramps in 10 hours? (i'm running the mile in approx. 10 hours... HELP!!!) :-)

Anonymous said...

its nice to know im not alone with the menstrual like cramps i get after running. Ive been running off and on for about 5 years, whether im in great shape or poor, whether im on period or not, these cramps never subside. Its not every run i exerience them but its on far more than id like. Its not too often i get them while im running but its very often i get them right after. I usually crouch down, and tippy toe in the worst pain imaginable to the nearest bathroom. The only thing ive found that helps tiny bits are a good diet. Ive read it has to do with a tipped uterus or thick lining insides, endometriosis runs in the fam so that makes sense, but if you happen to find any info or tips,please share my email is

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