Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 3, Wk. 4, C25k

I went for my run/walk this morning about 7:30 a.m. (Yes, it made me late for work. I called and left a message to let my boss know I'd be late. Not a big deal--I'm working all sorts of extra hours right now.) It was so cool that I felt a bit chilly until I got my blood pumping with my first run. I was definitely breathing easier with no early morning smokers in the park, no high-humidity/high-smog conditions, and the pollen having been slightly tamped down out of the air by a light mist. I managed to finish Day 3 with no problems: no cramping; no stitches; no being entirely, desperately out of breath.

However . . . I still feel like I need to strengthen my ability to do this level before I move on, so I'm going to continue the Week 4 routine (5-min. stretch, 5-min. warm-up walk, 3-min. run, 90-sec. walk, 5-min. run, 2.5-min. walk, 3-min. run, 90-sec. walk, 5-min. run, 5-min. cool-down walk--whew, that's complicated, good thing I have my mp3 timing it for me) for anywhere from an additional day to an additional week--until I feel more confident about my abilities at this level.

And I'm definitely going to try to go out in the mornings . . . albeit a bit earlier than today. I can't get going too early, because it won't be light outside, but 7 a.m. should work fine right now.

Oh, and I went shopping a couple of days ago for a couple of new work shirts, as the ones I own are getting too big for me. I bought two shirts and wore one of them yesterday. Our small office was abuzz with people asking me about my weight loss; apparently, it's very obvious when I wear stuff that's more fitted than my old clothes!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Sweet! Isn't it great when you have to buy new clothes because your old ones are too big? (Of course... I love it just because it gives me an excuse to shop!) Good idea about sticking with this weekn until you're comfortable... it's always better to stay within your comfort zone in the beginning. You're doing great so far!

Cory said...

It's amazing what new clothes will do for you!
I'm glad to hear your run went better today. The pollen is enough to kill right now. I hope the 7 am thing works for you, and that you feel more ready to move on after another week. Sticking with this routine until your comfortable is a wonderful idea!

M said...

No offense to your running program, but as someone who's run for about 20 years (wow--I'm old), I think running consistently without walking in between might build up your endurance even better.

Of course, whatever works for you, but consider one day just trying to do the run part and go slowly, but go as long as you absolutely can. I always found that I can always go just a little further. And that helps me go even further the next time.

Either way, you're doing great. Running is one of my greatest joys in life--really--and I'm so glad you are experiencing it and all its advantages too. I mean no criticism at all to your program, since I know that is what has gotten you this far. Just wanted to share my experience with running. There was a time when I was new to running, and it doesn't take long to start building endurance and getting into great shape. Good luck no matter how you do it!

thrilled said...

Congratulations on your progress! You'll be running full-stop in no time!

Veg*Triathlete said...

I am all about the walk breaks when building up running endurance. I still take walk breaks. Even when I'm at my fittest, I sometimes take walk breaks. Part of my reasoning behind this method is that it's important to run with good form; I know I'm more likely to injure myself when I'm tired and basically just pounding my feet on the ground. Taking walk breaks allows me to regroup enough to run better when I pick the pace back up. It also helps me keep my heart rate in an "aerobic" zone (verses the higher anaerobic zone, which is harder to recover from before the next workout). Obviously, there are differing schools of thought on the subject, but I think the C25K program's approach is right on, especially for someone new to or just getting back into running. You're doing great!

ArleneWKW said...

You seem to have found good momentum for getting physically fit. This is quite an achievement. I've looked back to some of your recent posts. As usual, I'm inspired by your recipes. I only discovered Greek yogurt about 6 months ago. I like the way that you've incorporated it into a curry recipe and will try my own version of it some time in the next few weeks.