Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crazy week

My 100th post! How nice.

I have to tell you that this week has not gone the way I anticipated for this week to go. Tuesday, after work, my car broke down. It's now fixed; I just have to go pick it up . . . and pay $850. Thank God for our emergency fund, but it's still irritating, of course.

One of my friends was in town for a medical appointment, which turned into a longer, bigger ordeal than we had realized it would be.

All of that leads to . . . I had long days the past two days and ate out the last two nights instead of eating at home.

Then I got sick. Food poison? Or a stomach bug? I'm not sure. But ick.

Feeling mostly better by 11 today, I decided to go try my 20-minute run. What was I thinking? The longest run I've done with the sun beating down straight overhead and the temperature climbing into the 80's? I felt ill a few minutes into it and realized my lunacy. I felt bad enough to just quit and walk home . . . and it appeared to reinvigorate how bad I had felt. Ick. Back to the bathroom and bed.

Now I'm pondering dinner. I've been at home all day in the silence. I've read Bel Canto in the last two days. . . . Great novel. I read very quickly and even more so when I am home alone. I've read three novels in the last week. Even though I've spent time with wonderful friends, I'm lonely. I'm ready for my husband to return from his conference.

I just went into the kitchen a few minutes ago and put on my apron to make myself dinner tonight. But I left my book with my list of meals I was going to make at work yesterday, and the only one I can remember is . . . oh wait, I just remembered another one that will be easy. Well, good. I'll have a meal for one to post tonight and I will keep myself from going out for dinner.

I'll go make it now before I have time to reconsider.

Oh, but I forgot to mention that after I got off the plane from our trip, the scale said I had gained six pounds on our trip. SIX POUNDS. That's truly insane--I mean, I figured two maybe--I ate well mostly but ate delicious gourmet breakfasts each day--but gaining six pounds in a week would take something like 3000 extra calories a day, and I sure didn't do that. I told myself that it was probably a water-weight issue from flying, and sure enough, four days later, I'm down 4.5 of those pounds.

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csmc said...

I love how you utilize logic to get through those rough spots. It's a great reminder! I didn't know you could retain water from flying!