Monday, May 14, 2007

C25K Update

I did one day of Wk. 6, Day 1, and two days of Wk. 6, Day 2. Day 2 was running 10 minutes (about a mile), walking 3 minutes, and then running 10 more minutes. The first day I did it, it was really hot, and I had some difficulty. Today, it was hard, but I just did it. It was awesome and strange to be out there today knowing I was running about a mile at a time when 8 weeks ago I couldn't run even a minute! I'm going to wait two days until starting Day 3 of Week 6 . . . and from then on out, I will only be running, not walking anymore (except for warm-up and cool-down, of course), starting with 25 minutes at a time.


I have to start waking up earlier to go out. Even at sunset it's really warm in Georgia right now, and though I was raised here, I don't love the heat, and if it's hot when I run, I feel ill easily. I'm hoping I'll keep adjusting to the heat as I get better at running. But I'm also going to have to start waking up early to make time for it in the mornings on a regular basis, I think.


Purl_Princess said...

I think you're becoming a runner! That's fantastic!

I hate running in the heat... it gets very hot here in the summers too and it seems to make running that much harder. I should go in the mornings, but that would mean getting up in the morning...

Sonya said...

Running in the heat is so hard, and you're doing great!!! Keep it up!

And I don't think that you're becoming a runner - I think you already are, and have been for some time.;-)

I just got the Nike + iPod thingy as a gift this past weekend, and think that it will be very handy for my running...especially with the intervel timers - I'm all set!

Keep up the great work!