Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Sustainable/Affordable Wedding Planning Website! (And a contest!)

Ladies and gentlemen (Gentleman? Any guys out there at all?), in a post completely unrelated to weight loss, I am proud to be able to direct you to my new wedding planning website. It's been in development mentally and in conversations with my friends and husband for over a year. The goal of this wedding planning blog is to provide information and support for real-life brides and grooms--people who want something special on their wedding day but who can't spend a fortune, people who want elegant or fun or zany but who want to avoid tacky. The average family income in the US is $45k, which means that the so-called average wedding budget of $28k is unreasonable for most people, despite what the wedding magazines would have you believe. My wedding planning blog is also designed for people who want to have beautiful weddings while being cognizant of different social issues (child labor, pesticides, high fossil fuel use, etc.) that often go into wedding-related items and activities. The site is explicitly written in support of both straight couples and gay couples who want to plan a lifelong commitment to one another.

I've kicked off the website with a currently on-going series of posts about learning to budget, so those of you who read my financial post and thought, "That's how lost I feel!" may want to start with this post.

In general, if weddings or sustainability or money management interest you, please go check out Commitments Unlimited.

And for those of you who love weddings or who need some relationship support or who need some financial advice or just love books, there's also a contest at Commitments Unlimited that may interest you, so go enter the giveaway today!


Sarah said...

What a great new site!!! Congrats and I wish you the best of success! I have a good friend who lives in ATL and has been doing quite a bit of wedding planning/coordinating. I will def. send the link to her!

csmc said...

Wow!! I love the layout of your new site. It is so pretty. And it covers so much! Loving it. :D

the veggie paparazzo said...