Thursday, January 4, 2007

Baby steps

We went out to dinner with a friend who was passing through town tonight. I ate two thirds of my meal (2 soft tacos) and stopped. I was satisfied--didn't need more--despite the fact that the food was really tasty.

Then I walked with that friend down to a little market on our street. She was there to pick up beer to take over to another friend's apartment. I was there to walk her to the store. But once we were there, I thought about ice cream. Then I thought, "Really, I'm thirsty. I'm full of food, but I'm thirsty." So I got some Evian as a treat.

Little choices matter. I need to celebrate them.


M said...

I love this blog. I hope you don't mind if I comment a lot as a way to commit to my own weight loss plans. I think what you did (water instead of ice cream) is awesome. I'll have you know tonight I had a fresh fruit for the first time in a long time as my midnight snack--that's a good first step for me in trying to embrace fruit again. So thanks for the inspiration.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Thanks--I'm glad you're enjoying it. I am hoping it will help keep me engaged and accountable.

I have to tell you, the Evian (I love the soft taste of Evian) was far more refreshing than ice cream would have been!

Good for you with your midnight snack.