Tuesday, January 23, 2007

V. Paparazzo's Pizza Kitchen

A cell phone shot: certainly not the greatest photo ever. But that was my lunch today--leftovers from our dinner last night. Perspective on its size is difficult, but the plate is a small salad plate, so the pizza serving isn't as large as it looks, and the salad is large. The salad isn't brown in places; that's my raspberry dressing on it.

I find pizzas much more interesting when they are made a little different, a little special. So on pizza nights, my kitchen turns into something resembling a California Pizza Kitchen . . . er, kitchen.

The whole, 4-5 serving pizza I made last night had about a cup total of three cheeses: fontina, parmesan reggiano, and asiago. It also featured caramelized organic red onion (one onion total), two sliced organic pears, and--underneath it all--a pesto of walnuts, olive oil, thyme, and honey. All ofthis was on a multi-grain crust.

For the salad, I tossed organic, local mixed greens with a dressing made of pureed (originally frozen, but defrosted) organic raspberries, olive oil, a dash of honey, and pepper.

Then the salad went on top of the pizza, and we ate the pizza and salad with knives and forks. Yum.

I just reheated the pizza in the toaster oven at work to make sure it stayed toasty, then tossed the salad onto it.

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