Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Managing a lunch out

I know it still had more calories than I should eat for lunch--and I am going to at least partly compensate for that by eating a light dinner, but this is what I had for lunch at PF Chang's:

steamed brown rice
orange peel beef
steamed green beans with garlic

I ate about a cup of rice with a little less than half of the orange peel beef and half of the steamed beans--placed on my plate with rice and beef in the center and the green beans around the edges. It was rather pretty. I put half on my plate and then pushed the rest away to be boxed up for later.

I really enjoyed the meal. I went to PF Chang's partly because I was trying to calm myself down from a stressful 24 hours. That's still using food for emotional purposes, but at least I restricted myself in what I ate.

The cost was about $21, but that's not too terrible for two meals--and I have the money budgeted.

That will probably be the only meat I eat this week.


Robyn said...

I LOVE PF CHANGS! We don't have one here, but went to one in San I'm craving their lettuce wraps.

the veggie paparazzo said...

PF Chang's is super-tasty; it's one of the only chain restaurants I enjoy.